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Surgical Technology: Surgical Technology Introduction

What is a Surgical Technician?

Surgical technologists assist in operations under the supervision of surgeons, registered nurses, or other surgical personnel. They help set up the operating room, prepare and transport patients for surgery, adjust lights and equipment, pass instruments and other supplies to surgeons and surgeon’s assistants, hold retractors, cut sutures, and help count sponges, needles, supplies, and instruments. This is a physically demanding job that requires standing for extended periods of time and the ability to perform under pressure in emergency situations. Surgical technologists must maintain a strong knowledge of human anatomy, allowing them to anticipate the needs of surgeons in ever-changing environments.

Medical Terminology

FVCC Surgical Technology Program


Patricia Lincoln

Program Director

Broussard Center, 123A


How to Find Surgical Technology Information

There are several types of information available to surgical technology students through the FVCC Library, both in print form and electronically. The tabs along the top of the page provide details how to access the different formats listed below:

Articles Articles from medical journals are the primary source for recent research in sugical technology. Most cutting-edge research in the health sciences will appear in these articles first. FVCC databases can help connect you to these articles.  This information is found under the tab Academic Journal Articles.
Books A book can provide detailed background and historical information. Books are a place to find information that is generally accepted in the field.  This information is found under FVCC Print and Ebooks.
Reference Books This covers encyclopedias and other resources that contain for specific explanitory information. Go to these for definitions and shorter explanations.  This information is found under FVCC Print and Ebooks.
Web Sites The internet can provide a variety of helpful information.  To find reliable information look at sites from government sources and professional organizations.  This information is found under Online Resources.