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Virtual Reality Videos: About Virtual Reality Videos

Virtual Reality in the Library

You can experience virtual reality videos as if you were there in the actual video location.  You will be able to look around in all directions (this is why you will also see the name 360 video).  This is not only a good way to see the world and explore topics, but is also a way to develop empathy by experiencing the realities of the lives of other people. 

The Library has a Virtual Reality headset and equipment that allow you to access the videos listed in this guide.  Reserve the Virtual Reality Room (Study Room A) and equipment for up to one-hour at the Circulation desk.

Note: Use the Opera web browser on the computer in the VR Lab in order to watch 360 videos on Youtube. Click the VR button on the top center of the video to enter VR mode.

About Virtual Reality Videos

YouTube Channels Featuring Quality Virtual Reality Videos


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