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How-to Tutorials for Accessing Library Research Materials

Short Videos and Procedures

Newspaper Overview

The FVCC Library offers many international, USA, and Montana and historical newspapers.  Here's what is available:

  • Newsbank--this is the most extensive database of newspapers.  It allows you to see articles from international newspapers, many newspapers from around the USA, and 31 Montana newspapers including the Daily Interlake.  Newsbank also provides current issues of many popular US magazines such as The Atlantic, Newsweek, Popular Science, and Field & Stream.

Why use Newsbank?

  1. You can search both the current issue and archived issues.
  2. Looking at the same topic in a variety of news sources will provide you with a broad context of the subject with differing points of view.
  3. You can find out who is involved in research studies or who is an expert in a topic and contact that person directly for more information.  This is especially valuable here in Montana where there may not be a lot of information available on a topic, so the best way to find out about something is to contact the expert.
  4. Citations are included.

Drawbacks to Newsbank

  1. You will need to put terms in quotes to eliminate irrelevant results.  For example "unmanned aerial vehicle" is a search term for drones that you will need to put in quotes.
  2. The initial description of the article is hard to read.  You will need to click on the Preview button to get a better idea of what the article is about.

NewsBank Access--Written Instructions

Using Newsbank for Research

NewsBank Special Reports

NewsBank’s Special Reports are news articles, videos, maps and other useful content grouped for convenience under specific topics and themes. They enable users to quickly locate information while helping them gain better insight into current global issues and events from different perspectives around the world.


Research by Accessing Montana Newspapers