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Podcasts at the Broussard Family Library & Learning Commons

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Collin Burkhart

About This Podcast

Join host, John Fraley, in an exploration of fun aspects of the natural world: interesting bird and wildlife species, other fauna, and flora, much of which we can find on the FVCC Campus.  

The podcast features interviews with naturalists and wildlife professionals and students doing interesting projects, as well as funny and unusual aspects of nature and wildlife management.  Listeners can learn about nature in their own backyard (or campus). 

John's experience includes hosting a wildlife and nature radio show for more than 20 years on local radio stations KJJR and KALS.


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Lake image

Almeda Lake in the Great Bear Wilderness shows the incredible aquatic features of the upper Flathead.

River image

The crystal waters and the multi-colored rocks make the Middle Fork of the Flathead River shine in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Mountain Lion

An adult mountain lion roams the valley not far from Kalispell.  Lions co-exist with humans because they travel mostly at night and remain secretive. 

Big Salmon Lake

Big Salmon Lake in the heart of the Bob. Recently, pygmy whitefish have been discovered in the lake by the "Fish Detective."

Mountain Whitefish

A mountain whitefish from the South Fork of the Flathead River in the Bob.  This species is closely related to the pygmy whitefish. 

Westslope Cutthroat

A westslope cutthroat in the upper South Fork of the Flathead River.  This genetically pure native fish lives throughout the Flathead River system and is considered Montana's State Fish.

John Fraley

John Fraley, host of the FVCC Nature Journal.

Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson, award winning wildlife photographer and editor of the Hungry Horse News.


A spectacular photo of a lynx taken by Chris Peterson in Glacier National Park.

Charging Moose

An angry moose prepares to charge as John Fraley takes a photo, as discussed in episode 8!

John Fraley August 1980

Taken August 1980, this photo shows John Fraley with a Bull Trout at Clack Creek in the Great Bear Wilderness.

Angler with Bull Trout, South Fork

An angler holds a Bull Trout he caught in the South Fork Flathead River.

Pika Jewel Basin

A pika stands on a rock in the Jewel Basin, ready to defend its territory.

David Long

Dr. David Long, chemistry professor at FVCC.

Deer in Suburban Missoula

A whitetail deer poses for the camera in a suburban part of Missoula, Montana.

South Fork of the Flathead headwaters in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area

This photo shows the South Fork of the Flathead headwaters in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area.

Tailed Frogs

A pair of tailed frogs.


This is a tadpole of the tailed frog. They need water to survive, and use their suction cup to hold on underwater in the fast moving current.