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How-to Tutorials for Accessing Library Research Materials

Short Videos and Procedures

Types of Streaming Video

The FVCC library offers several options for streaming video.  Here is what you can access:

  • Nursing/Health Videos This database includes films on Nursing Skills; Patient Care; Diseases, Disorders, and Disabilities.  You can watch the whole video or just choose a segment.  All videos come with transcripts.
  • Kanopy--this is a great choice for streaming video.  The majority of films on Kanopy have Public Performance Rights (PPRs). Viewing films in a group forum is permitted for all films for classroom viewings and most films for non-classroom group settings as long as the viewing is by authorized viewers [library patrons] and it is not for commercial benefit (i.e. no admission costs are charged and no profit is made from the screening).  For more information on Kanopy access, email