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How-to Tutorials for Accessing Library Research Materials

Short Videos and Procedures

ProQuest Central Ebook Overview

Why access ProQuest Ebooks?

  • With over 200,000 Ebooks, you will likely find something on your topic
  • Books, in general, are excellent sources for research information.  They are subject to a high standard of editing, and provide a broader view of a topic as opposed to journal articles.
  • You can click on hyperlinks to access individual chapters and even subsections of chapters.
  • All Ebooks in this database are multi-user, simultaneous access, which means that any number of people can check out the same book at the same time.
  • Full citations are available for all books

Hints to Avoid Problems with ProQuest Ebooks

  • If you have a specific term or topic you should put that in quotes in the search box.  For example, "unmanned aerial vehicle" which is a specific term referring to drones.  Not putting things in quotes will result in irrelevant results because the search engine will search for each word separately.
  • If you are off campus and have not used ProQuest Ebooks, you will have to login to Eagle Online and then click on Ebooks to set up an account.  Procedures are below.
  • Watch the date range when you have a topic that has changed a lot in recent years.  There are some older books in this collection that are fine when you are looking at the history of the topic, but are not good if the information presented is out of date.


Accessing ProQuest Ebooks--Video Instructions

Searching for ProQuest Ebook Central Ebooks

Using ProQuest Ebook Central for Research

Accessing ProQuest Ebooks--Written Instructions

ProQuest Ebooks: Using the Bookshelf to highlight, annotate and store books

Accessing OverDrive Ebooks and Audiobooks--Video Instructions

Accessing OverDrive Ebooks and Audio Books--Written Instructions